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Good News! Fiber Is On Its Way!

Thank you for your interest in Solarus! We’re actually in the process of expanding our network to serve your neighborhood right now. We look forward to serving you and invite you to sign up to receive our construction updates. Be the first to know when service becomes available on your street!

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Estimated Project Completion Timelines

Town of Carson – Fall 2024
Plover: Vineyard Dr/Locust Dr – Fall 2024
Plover: Menards to I-39 – Fall 2024

Solarus Fiber Availability
Fiber Available
Under Construction

The Road to Fiber

There's no denying you’re doing a lot more with your Internet today—social media, video conferencing, smart home devices, uploading pics, and streaming TV. Fiber is the only broadband technology designed to handle all of this online activity that has you sending AND receiving more and more data. We've heard your requests and agree there is a need in your neighborhood! Hang tight, we're working to bring our blazing-fast network to you as fast as we can!


Solid planning and preparation are the foundation to every project. During this phase, we're working on design, mapping, permitting, and supply procurement.

Network Construction

Next, we'll begin building the mainline network that runs along the roadside. Orange conduit is buried to house and protect the fiber optic cables.

Cabinet & Pedestal Setup

The fiber is then pulled up into cabinets throughout your neighborhood. Splicers will organize the individual strands and prep them for connection to your home.

Connecting Your Home

Your property will be flagged to protect existing utility lines. Then, our team buries a thin, small cable that will connect your home to the roadside network.


Once you've placed an order, a technician will come out to make some final connections and activate your service. Now, it's time to enjoy your Internet!