Having Trouble? We can help!

At Solarus, keeping you connected is our top priority. We back all of our services with 24/7 LOCAL technical support.

Whether you forgot your email password, need help configuring a printer or are having issues with your service, our highly skilled agents can quickly analyze, diagnose and resolve your issues.

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Internet Troubleshooting

My internet is not working – Unplug power from modem or router for 30 seconds and plug back in

I can’t connect via wifi – Unplug power from modem or router for 30 seconds and plug back in

Can’t connect using video game console – Setup port forwarding in router per the console manufacture’s recommendations. Please check manual for reference.

I’m getting buffering while watching online videos – Please check you have adequate bandwidth for the stream you are trying to watch.

Authentication problems with my wifi – Make sure you are entering the in the correct password.

Phone Troubleshooting

No Dial Tone – Unplug all phones from the line and test them one at a time

How do I access voicemail – Please dial 715-423-6699 and be prepared to enter your 10 digit telephone number and password.

How do I access my online voicemail portal – You can access your voicemail through our website by using the voicemail manager.

Series of beeps when I pick up my phone – You have a voicemail waiting

My cordless is dead or won’t charge – Please check your batteries

How to contact Repair from a Solarus Phone Line – Please Dial 611

How do I check local time and temp – Please Dial 715-423-4222

TV Troubleshooting

No Signal/No Input Error Message – Press input button on the TV to cycle through the available devices connected

Remote not working – Press stb button then ok return to normal function or check batteries

Recorded TV Not Available – Unplug power source and plug back in (wait 30 seconds)

How do I program my remote to my TV – Click here for the remote control user manual

Caller ID not displaying – Unplug all Set Top boxes for 5 minutes and plug back in


How/where do I pay my bill? – We recommend that you take advantage of our free ACH billing system. This system automatically pays your bill directly out of your bank account or credit card! Call our business office to apply or visit us at www.solarus.net to create an online account. You may also choose to mail or deliver your payment to us: Solarus, P.O. Box 8045, Wisconsin Rapids, WI, 54495. We also accept payments at our business office.

How do I change my credit card information? – You can change your credit card information on your Solarus account by logging in to your web account. You may also call or email us and a customer service representative will be happy to make the changes.

How do I change my billing address? – Call customer service or email us the new information and date that you would like the information changed.

What should I do if my credit card is declined? – If your credit card fails payment, you will be notified that your payment has failed and that you need to update or change your credit card information.

Will I receive a paper bill? – Yes; however, we do offer the convenience of online billing. We keep your costs low and functionality high by providing you with online billing. You can always print copies of your bill and keep them for your own records.

What if there is a problem with my credit card? – Your account will be suspended and a customer service representative will be calling to get new/updated credit card information.

Why might my first bill seem high? – Solarus bills one month in advance for service. Your first bill will include the advanced one month of service and any prorated charges for the dates that are outside your billing cycle. For example, Solarus services are installed in your home on the 15th of the month. Your first bill will include charges from the 15th to the end of the month plus one month of service for the upcoming month.