Understanding the True Cost of Unreliable Long Distance

Despite numerous digital innovations that continue to transform communications, long distance telephone service is still one of the most powerful, necessary tools for making connections in the business world. As a central tool for growing and nurturing professional relationships, you need long distance service you can count on. Unreliable service characterized by dropped calls or poor call quality will come at a high cost to your bottom line.

The Up-Front Cost of Poor Quality Long Distance

Unreliable long distance invariably means missed connections and in business, missed connections ultimately mean lost revenue. Failure to connect limits your opportunity to grow new partnerships but can be even more detrimental to existing relationships. Over time, lost interactions lead to bottom-line atrophy, and the hard-dollar revenue loss is a heavy consequence.

When your company struggles with poor quality phone service it also costs you time. Dropped calls and quality complaints mean time-consuming resolutions for your team. It could take hours or days to find the root cause of the problem and fix it. The time your company loses to long distance glitches causes an obvious drain on your organizational efficiency.

The Hidden Expense of Undependable Phone Service

There are also less obvious costs associated with unreliable long distance. Prospects, customers, and partners can all lose trust in your organization when your communication falters. When your long distance service is problematic over time, it causes recurring hassles for your customers that cast doubt on your company’s ability to serve their needs.  Losing trust can be highly detrimental to telephone companies.

When trust is lost, your company’s reputation suffers. To put it simply, bad news travels fast. When word spreads that doing business with your organization is a consistent hassle due to unreliable call service, your reputation can be deeply marred. Telcos plagued by a negative public image have a difficult time retaining customers and an even bigger challenge growing their business.

How Companies Respond

Companies that deal with unreliable long distance are faced with two choices: They can retain the inadequate service and continue to struggle with the pitfalls and losses that come with it, or they can change providers. But even with the lost revenue and continued frustration, the thought of changing can be formidable.

Often times, there no reliable way to evaluate the quality of your alternatives, and you take the risk of entering into fresh agreements blindly, with the potential to receive service that is equally or even more unreliable than the service you are leaving behind.

A Better Alternative

 You can avoid the loss and headache of searching for a new long distance provider by selecting one with a reputation for delivering the highest quality service. Solarus stands out among competitors for our staunch commitment to quality first.

Solarus has been in the telecommunications business for over 120 years, providing unsurpassed service to businesses like yours. While we are now the largest independent telecommunications company in Wisconsin, we began small, and we still understand the needs of local telephone companies.

We stake our entire reputation on providing you with unmatched service. In fact, Solarus offers a complimentary trial so you can test our long distance before making a commitment. Try us out for 30 days before transferring all of your traffic. We are more than happy to provide you an opportunity to ensure our services are the right fit for you.

Additionally, while most independent telcos retain only a small staff to troubleshoot problems and provide repairs, Solarus employs numerous technical specialists and customer support professionals to serve customers 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

As an industry leader, Solarus is always pioneering new initiatives in telecommunications. However, you can rest easy knowing we will always remain committed to providing quality long distance solutions that support our business and yours.