Winning the Customer Experience Equation

Now, more than ever, customers expect a lot from your business, and you cannot afford to offer anything less than a stellar customer experience. It’s no secret that exceptional customer service and technical support are a critical combination that provides the advantage an independent telco needs to stay competitive in today’s environment. To execute that equation properly, your customers need to be able to transition seamlessly from one experience to the other. That being said, it’s important to stop and ask yourself: Does my team have the skills and resources they need to effectively manage both customer service and technical assistance in today’s complex technological environment?

Customer Service: Not a Guaranteed Answer to Customer Satisfaction

Balancing the nuances of customer care and the technical aptitude required to keep your customers satisfied can be a real challenge for most telco front lines. Often, despite their best intentions, customer service personnel simply lack the technical expertise and tools to effectively analyze, diagnose and resolve many of your customers’ issues. The simple truth is that today’s ever-evolving technology necessitates a technical literacy that can only come from repetition in this very specific vein.

So, what’s a telco to do? On the surface, it may seem counter-intuitive to disconnect such integral parts of your customer satisfaction equation, but here, we’ll highlight some viable benefits to reassigning your technical assistance services to a dedicated call center.

Operational Efficiencies

Troubleshooting technical inquiries with agents that specialize in root cause analysis can invariably save your company thousands in costly truck rolls. With proper training, your technical service agents can not only resolve the issue at hand, they can educate the customer to minimize future callbacks.

Grow Your Business

When you eliminate technical assistance calls from your customer service team’s list of responsibilities, you enable them to shift their focus back to sales where they can deliver the most measurable value for your business.

Customer Retention

We all hope that nothing goes wrong. But inevitably, something will. And few other call center metrics have as big an impact on customer satisfaction as first call resolution. A study conducted by Customer Relationship Metrics found that customer satisfaction ratings will dip 35%-45% lower when a second call has to be made for the same issue. Issues notwithstanding, satisfied customers will remain loyal to you, minimizing the exhaustive and expensive challenge of having to win them back.

The Solarus Call Center Solution

If the thought of staffing your own call center seems overwhelming or simply cost-prohibitive, you might also consider outsourcing your technical assistance services. Now, before your mind conjures up stereotypical images of some poorly run overseas answering service, we invite you to explore an entirely different alternative.

When choosing an organization to outsource this vital continuation of your customers’ experience, it’s imperative that you find the right partner. You need someone whose practice aligns with your overall business objectives and who can speak confidently as the voice of your brand. In this scenario, who better than a fellow telephone company?

In business since 1896, Solarus has grown to be the largest independent telephone company in the state of Wisconsin. We offer a full complement of both residential and business high speed internet, telephone, cable TV, home monitoring and 24/7/365 telecom specific technical assistance services.

The Solarus Technical Assistance Call Center (TAC) is staffed with experienced agents who have an average 11-year tenure. These career professionals are trained to handle a diverse range of telecommunication issues and versed in a variety of billing software, access platforms, and customer premise equipment. ACS, SDP, ONTs, STBs, the whole pot of alphabet soup is documented in our Wiki. The Solarus TAC boasts an impressive 80/20 first call resolution rate and attributes their success to being able to cultivate a dialogue that builds trust with customers at a time when they feel most vulnerable.

Providing an excellent service encounter is one of the more obvious components of your customer satisfaction experience. However, there is still more to consider when determining the best way to approach your technical assistance inquiries. So, whether you’re just beginning to explore your options or are actively seeking a call center partner, we’d be happy to discuss your short and long-term objectives. Let our experience work for you. We offer scalable solutions ranging from basic after-hours support to comprehensive, full-time support of your entire service lineup.

For more information or to schedule a full partnership analysis, contact Solarus TAC at 715-818-6320 and start winning the customer experience equation today.