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Breaking Up with Cable: Here’s Why You Should Stream TV

“Why does my cable bill keep going up?”

“I don’t even watch half of these channels!”

“Why am I paying so much for something I barely use?”

If you pay for a cable or satellite TV subscription, you’ve probably asked yourself something like this at one point or another. We get it! Just like you, we cringe each year when the big networks raise TV programming rates, too! That’s why we’re working to educate customers about other, more affordable options, like streaming TV.

Maybe you’ve heard about streaming, but for one reason or another, just haven’t decided to give it a go yet. With all of streaming’s benefits, we have to ask, what’s keeping you from cutting the cord?

Maybe you’re hanging on to your cable subscription so you can catch the evening news, cheer on your favorite sports team or keep up with the Kardashians (we don’t judge). Maybe someone convinced you that you were saving money by “bundling” your services. Maybe you’ve even considered streaming but hesitate to make the switch because cable just seems easier than sorting through all the technology. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you take the leap and get you on your way to the savings and flexibility you deserve.

Read on for five reasons you should start streaming tv!

1. It’s Easy

While it seems a little “techy,” it’s really not that complicated. No IT background or tech support is required! Just a reliable Internet connection, a connected device (like a Smart TV or a Roku device) and a streaming plan can get you on your way. Today’s streaming plans carry the same channels and shows you watch on cable, but the content gets delivered over your Internet connection instead of a cable box or satellite dish.

When it comes to choosing a streaming service, you’ll find they’re each a little different. Plans like YouTubeTV offer 70+ live channel lineups—comparable to a cable or satellite service—for around $75 a month. A few others, like Sling TV or Philo will cost you even less, but offer smaller channel lineups or fewer sports channels. Netflix is also a streaming service, but focuses more on movies and original content.

Once you’ve decided on a plan, you simply register for the service online and activate your account on your streaming device. Then, you’re ready to start streaming tv!

2. More Bang for Your Buck

Today, the average cable or satellite TV subscriber pays upwards of $150 per month for some kind of Internet, TV and phone bundle. Overpaying for anything is frustrating, but it’s especially annoying if you know you aren’t even watching a fraction of the channels you’re paying for.

Streaming’s lower price point makes it smart to boot the bundle and leverage the Internet service you’re already paying for to get your television content, too. You’ll still need to layer on a streaming service, but streaming plans are generally more affordable and offer more control of the channels you pay for. Contact us or use these tools to compare a few of the more popular streaming services.

3. Less Commitment

Besides the lower cost, another benefit to streaming is the low level of commitment. Streaming services are monthly subscriptions that allow customers to come and go as they please. Most offer some sort of free trial so you can “try before you buy.” We recommend testing out a couple plans to compare guide styles and channel lineups before deciding which is right for your household.

Avid sports fans may even want to toggle between services to tune into seasonal sports channels like MLB Network, NFL Network or NBA TV. Wisconsinites will appreciate the flexibility to beef up their TV packages during winter months and pare back during the summer.

4. Watch Your Favorite Shows Whenever & Wherever You Want

Besides the ease of set-up and potential cost savings, streaming’s portability means you’ll never have to worry about missing your favorite programs or waiting around to watch them. Entire seasons of TV series are often released all at once, and TV programs from various channels are generally uploaded weekly, remaining available for you to watch on your own schedule—you won’t need to record episodes in advance if you’re not able to watch them live.

And, since streaming services are delivered over the Internet, you don’t have to be sitting in front of your TV to enjoy your favorite shows. You can login from anywhere using your Internet-connected devices like a phone, laptop or tablet. Many streaming providers offer apps that make it easy to use their services when you’re on a portable device.

5. Did Someone Say Binge-Watch?

Gone are the days of waiting in suspense to see what happens on the next episode of your favorite show or plodding through a bunch of reruns just to have something to watch. With streaming, you can catch up on past seasons of shows or binge-watch an entire series over the course of a single weekend! Most services will recommend other programming based on your viewing habits, ensuring that you never run out of fresh, new content to watch. So, grab some snacks and get ready to get your binge on!

Let’s Get this (Streaming) Party Started

Think you’re ready to experience the benefits and convenience that streaming TV has to offer? Our knowledgeable Customer Service team can help you get everything you need. Contact us to get started