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Why You Should Consider a Hosted Business System

Lately, the business world is buzzing about cloud-based and hosted phone systems. For organizations seeking an alternative to the traditional communication services model, there’s plenty to get excited about with a hosted system. If your system is aging or obsolete and maintaining it is becoming a nightmare, or if you have outgrown your current system and need to replace it, investigating a hosted business system may offer a great solution.

A hosted business system unifies technology and services to simplify your company’s communications. It features a cloud-based phone system instead of an on-site system, connecting all your calls via the Internet with greater reliability and enhanced continuity. The hosted provider owns and maintains the equipment, allowing your team to maximize efficiency in the roles where they excel. Keep reading to discover all the key benefits driving more businesses to move to hosted.

Key Advantages

Operational Efficiencies – The advantages of hosted business systems are abundant, and high on the list is improved operational efficiency. Going hosted saves you capital expenses because all your equipment and data infrastructure are supplied and managed by your provider. This arrangement also saves you the time and resources required to continuously maintain and upgrade your technology. By delegating telecom service and support to a trusted provider, you also enable your IT team to stay focused on their core competencies.

A hosted communication solution merges your data and phone systems into one. This allows you to tier all your equipment together and streamline business processes. Troubleshooting a singular system is also much easier, minimizing downtime and lost productivity when technical problems arise.

Modern Call Management Features – The conveniences your staff enjoys through a hosted business system are game-changing. Smart call management features like voicemail to email and single number reach mean that employees’ profiles and functionality follow them when they are away, so they don’t miss out on anything. Easy call transfers to external phones also save your customers and partners from having to make multiple calls to reach someone outside of your office.

Scalability – In terms of scalability, connectivity, and logistical ease, the flexibility of hosted business systems is unmatched. Hosted business solutions can work for businesses of any size. As you add functions in your company or grow your team of employees, hosted systems are fully scalable and offer connectivity that can span multiple sites. Both smaller companies that may not have the dedicated personnel to manage a phone system and larger companies who need extensive functionality without assuming the huge purchasing and maintenance costs stand to benefit from going hosted. Additionally, if you should find your business relocating to a new space, anyone can move your phones, and your provider will handle reprogramming remotely.

Quality and Reliability – Perhaps the most important win a hosted business system brings your business is reliability. Thanks to ample redundancy, your system keeps working throughout repairs and upgrades without the risk of losing critical data. Your data and the system backing it are also in the hands of expert voice and data engineers whose top priority is to keep communications flowing through your business. With dedicated specialists overseeing your telecom services, you can expect quick responsiveness if an issue should arise.

Why Solarus?

As a telecommunications company, Solarus is the ideal hosted partner. We’ve been an industry leader since 1896 and have intimate knowledge of all types of phone systems. We’ve been providing hosted business systems to organizations across central Wisconsin since 2007. When you choose Solarus for both your cloud-based telephone and internet services, you do business with just one dedicated provider. If you experience a problem with either service, we simply identify and fix it without any back and forth with another provider to determine whose responsibility it is to keep your business running smoothly.

Our complex data network also ensures that your phone and data services won’t have to compete with each other. With Solarus, your phone system will never play second fiddle to the other activities happening on your network.

Solarus provides you with a dedicated account representative and a support staff of career telecom specialists. We offer 24/7 technical support and can assist you on site since we’re local. Instead of doing business over the phone and receiving your equipment in the mail to figure out on your own how to get it up and running, Solarus comes to you when you need us. We also offer local phone numbers to ensure your local customers and partners don’t incur long distance or extended community call charges when they get in touch with you.

How to Get Started

Call our Business Service Team today at 715-421-8145 to set up a complimentary needs analysis. Let us examine what is and isn’t working in your current communications setup. We look forward to identifying the inefficiencies that may be holding you back and creating a solution that supports your success!